Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Doubt Perform For Paul McCartney (MP3 & Video)

What an honor it was for No Doubt to perform for Mr. Paul McCartney! I'm so proud I could explode! Ha Ha! The only sad this is that No Doubt's performance was cut short, therefore, the other song performed (All my loving) was cut. BOOO!!! Hopefully we will get to see the whole performance someday.
Anyway, I've uploaded No Doubt's performance... Video & Mp3.

The Audio was ripped by me from the video posted by MJ's Big Blog. So, Thanx!

Hello, Goodbye/Penny Lane (High Quality Audio)
Hello, Goodbye/Penny Lane (Video)
Credits go to youtube user cebichetruehd
1080p HD

Enjoy & Doubt Not

- George


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