Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well as many of you know, I haven't updated this site much! But, to my readers, not to worry. I've told you guys that I'm making a new site and I've been working really hard on it. It's not done but you can see the progress here:


it is a No Doubt Encyclopedia and its gonna take me a while to get done with it but I'll give it my all.

Check it out

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm sorry I haven't updated anything in the past weeks... or months LOL. I've been really busy with my life and really havent found enought time to update....


I'm creating a new ND site based on their music and music only... No tabloid rumors... no personal life harassment and only music music music. Think of it as a music library....

coming soon

wait for the link!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Gavin & Gwen Featured in Best Beach Bodies of 2010

Radaronline.com counted down the 10 best bodies of 2010 and guess who was in there? Gwen & Gavin. The site goes on to say:
Best beach bodied family? The Stefani-Rossdale's! Gwen and Gavin tote matching his and hers 6-pack abs.
It's not like they won a trophy but its good to see that media recognizes all their hard to work to stay in shape.

credits to: radaronline.com

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm updating the theme for the site so for the next days it might look a little weird. Don't worry, all the download links are still intact so feel free to browse...

No Doubt Perform For Paul McCartney (MP3 & Video)

What an honor it was for No Doubt to perform for Mr. Paul McCartney! I'm so proud I could explode! Ha Ha! The only sad this is that No Doubt's performance was cut short, therefore, the other song performed (All my loving) was cut. BOOO!!! Hopefully we will get to see the whole performance someday.
Anyway, I've uploaded No Doubt's performance... Video & Mp3.

The Audio was ripped by me from the video posted by MJ's Big Blog. So, Thanx!

Hello, Goodbye/Penny Lane (High Quality Audio)
Hello, Goodbye/Penny Lane (Video)
Credits go to youtube user cebichetruehd
1080p HD

Enjoy & Doubt Not

- George

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Videos: Adrian Young: Drumming Documentary + More

Hi Everyone!
This post is dedicated to our favorite drummer, ADRIAN YOUNG!
I have collected a few videos together for this post and are as follows

.1  Guitar Center's Drum Pads: Adrian Young Special
Guitar Center's Drum-Pads follows today's top drummers in the studio, in their homes or on the road. This time they featured Adrian Young. This mini documentary is awesome because Adro shares alot of awesome stuff.

Adrian takes us to his pad and talks about some of his drum influences, shows us some of his gear and some special awards.
Adrian talks about producing records, OCDP and his amazing drum collection. Plus a special golf tip.
Adrian talks about working with Bow Wow Wow, using electronic drum kits. and takes us to Bomb Shelter Studios in Los Angeles.
Adrian talks about his experience with Drum Off, 2003 champion Eric Moore, and working with Travis Barker. Features a clip of the drum off with barker .

(Full Video)

Megadrummers Adrian Young and Travis Barker performing their exclusive collaborative performance at the Guitar Center's Drum Off 2005 Grand Finals at the historic Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

3. Adrian talking about OCDP and RS drum-set
Adrian talks about his colorful light-up drum-set used in the Rock Steady tour and gives his views on orange county drums and percussion.

4. Adrian Interview/Playing Rock Band
Adrian Plays & Talks about Rockband, Will.I.Am, A Clothing line & Gwen's 2nd pregnancy

5. Adrian Drumming "Hella Good" On Karaoke Bar
Adrian drums to Hella Good at a karaoke bar called Slidebar

So there you have it. Enjoy!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Official Remixes: New

Today, I'm posting the 3 official remixes for ND's 1998 song NEW. My favorite song and favorite single... Enjoy!


1. New & Approved Remix
2. New & Approved Remix - Extended Version
3. New Doubt Club Mix